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Local physician explains the dangers of spice



FOX10 News has been warning you about the dangers of spice for years. New numbers from the Alabama Department of Public Health lists Mobile County as “Ground Zero” for dangerous reactions to the poison.

Between March 15th and May 4th, health officials say 932 people around the state were taken to hospitals after using spice. Of that number, half of the cases, 466, were right in Mobile County. During that same time period, 38 spice users in Baldwin County were treated.

If you see someone selling, making or even using spice, there are some important numbers you need to know. For the Mobile County Sheriff’s office, text “spice” to 839863. For the Mobile Police Department, text “crime 411” to 274637. Or call 251-208- 7000.

FOX10 News is going the extra mile to find out what happens when a person tries to stop using spice. Dr. Bradley Sadler from Altapointe joined us for FOX10 News at 4. He spoke with anchor, Lenise Ligon, about the dangers of spice, and what happens when people try to stop using the poisonous drug. He says sometimes people don’t realize they’re smoking spice because it’s mixed in with regular marijuana. He gives very useful information that can help keep you safe. Watch the interview in the video above. And remember, FOX10 News is committed to you.

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